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How to use Intelligent Sitemap with 6Storage?

Step 1: Manage all your facility operations under one roof with our Intelligent Sitemap.

Step 2: Click on the Sitemap from the top quick Menu. We avail you to filter based on Location, Building, Unit type, Filter By, Unit Size.

Step 3: You can also search any units based on the number.

Step 4: Now you can update the colors of units based on the status color. Click on Update Status color, select the desired color for each status and click on save button.

Step 5: To edit, Rotate, Move, Resize click on edit layout checkbox.

Step 6: You can edit based on the unit type and hit on search, Now you can Move the units on hover to the top and left side. Which will allow you to move any units in particular or group.

Step 7: To resize the units hover below the unit, you will get resize symbol and thus you could resize with desired size.

Step 8: Hover on right side of any unit, which will allow you to rotate the units 360 degree.

Step 9: After performing the operations do click on update layout to view the changes in the sitemap.

Step 10: At any point of time you can cancel these operations by clicking on cancel. clear all will allow you to revert the search filters to default.

Step 11: you can go back to the layout once you save changes. If not you may lose the changes made.

Step 12: Select all check box allows you to move, resize, rotate all the units.

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