The two-way SMS capabilities are designed for one-on-one communication with tenants which can be tracked in the admin profile. While admins can send/receive texts from tenants, this new feature helps admins receive notification on the receipt of each message, in addition to an autogenerated email on the unread messages.

This feature encourages Contactless move-in, diminishes the communication barriers, and saves a lot of time for both admins and tenants. 

How does it work?

Whenever the admin receives a message from the tenant, the bell icon at the top of the page indicates the receipt of notifications.

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By clicking on the icon, the admin can see the notifications on all the text messages received and other online move-ins that occurred since their last visit to the portal. 


Clicking on the notification message will redirect to the tenant’s page (CLP) while the SMS tab will be kept open. Admin can effortlessly initiate a chat or respond to the received messages anytime.