Square (Cash App) Integration

Square (Cash App) Integration

Square is one of the most widely used payment platforms, having around 24 million users worldwide. Integrating with 6Storage, Square facilitates simple and easy wallet payments without using credit cards, it enables in-person contactless transactions and gives your customers an alternative way to pay from their wallets.

Choosing Cash App as the customer's payment method generates a unique QR code on your device screen. Customers can scan the code on their mobile devices and complete the payment. While other payment platforms that allow QR scanning require a merchant specific QR code, Cash App randomly generates a unique QR code at the time of transaction to make payments easily.

Here are the simple steps to configure Cash App with 6Storage:

Head over to Automation >> Payments >> Square logo

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The checkboxes for CashApp and GPay implies that you can enable those payment options for wallet payment (Apple Pay is coming soon for your use). Enable the checkboxes accordingly.

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Note: Please skip the fields CashApp Convenience Fee & Digi Wallet Convenience Fee


Enter the Application IDAccess Token, and Location ID from your Sandbox account. Enable the checkbox Is Live to keep your account active. Click Save. With this, the configuration part is done.


Note: Square integration only supports wallet payments. To make payments using Credit cards, please choose Stripe as your payment method.