In a constantly changing economy, businesses are bound to adjust their prices. Especially in an industry such as Self Storage, there are many factors accumulate to price changes such as maintaining service quality, improving operational systems and automated solutions, endorsing discounts and offers, etc. Changing unit prices can be daunting, especially if you plan to make price changes to different units at different times.

6Storage introduces Rate Manager, an exclusive app to automate price updates for any and every unit with simple steps. Using this application, you can schedule and apply price changes based on the rules you create. Schedule notifications and reminders about price changes to be sent out to tenants. Here’s a quick tour on the Rate Manager application:

To launch the app, click on the grid button at the blue panel from your 6Storage account and select Rate Manager. The application will be launched in a separate tab.



As the application launches, the first page that appears is the Dashboard. It gives an overview of reports and metrics in terms of revenue, leases subject to price changes, mapped, unmapped, occupied and rules applied.



Occupied tab contains Rules and Leases which you can select from the side navigation menu.


Rules tab contains the list of rules that are created and applied to the leases. You can set existing rule as default and apply existing rule to leases. To create a rule, click Add Rule.

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Enter the rule name and description (optional). Select the Mode of change.

Fixed Amount implies a fixed amount as the price difference from the current price.

Percentage implies a certain percentage as the price difference.


Choose whether to increase or decrease the price from the current amount. Enter the amount or percentage by which you want to change the price.

Price not modified since implies the configured price change will if the price of the lease has not been modified for a certain number of days. Enter the number of days.


Leases tab contains information of the leases to which rules are both mapped and unmapped. Choose the filters according to the results you need to fetch and search. You can apply rules to individual leases as well as in bulk.



Reports tab is where you can get statistics on the leases and rules. Select the filters according to the results you want to fetch. The export button helps you download the report in Excel and PDF file formats.


Activity Log

Activity log captures all the activities of users as and generates data on how time is spent in the application. You can export the logs to Excel and PDF file formats.



Settings tab is where you can control general settings and alerts. The toggle button in General settings activates/deactivates your account. The dropdown for time zone helps you select a specific time to apply the price changes according to your preferences.

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Enabling this checkbox will automatically apply the default rule (any rule set as default) to leases during move-in.


Alerts tab helps you send notifications via email and SMS to your tenants.

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Enabling this checkbox will trigger notifications tenants via email if a rule is deleted or edited after sending out the price change notice to tenants.


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Enabling this checkbox will trigger notifications via email on the rental price changes.