Integrating Davinci Overlock System

Integrating Davinci Overlock System

Integrating Davinci Overlock System

The DaVinci Lock System allows for automated and contactless lock removal. The system uses a standard combination lock with an encrypted serial code engraved on it. Using 6Storage software integrated with DaVinci Lock System, serial codes can be decrypted to retrieve lock combinations. Authorized admin portal users can provide lock combinations to their tenants. This article quickly takes you to the steps to integrate DaVinci Lock System with 6Storage.


Follow the steps below to integrate your Davinci Lock System. If you’d like assistance, please contact

Go to Settings >> Integration. Click the DaVinci Lock logo.

The Location field consists of the locations you have added to your 6Storage account. Select a location to which you need to configure DaVinci Lock System.

Next, place the API Key, API Secret and Facility ID (i.e., Name of the facility) which you have created from Davinci console. After entering the keys in the required field and clicking on Save, the DaVinci Lock System will be activated for the selected location.

Note: Multiple locations of your 6Storage account can be configured with same API key and API Secret. But Facility Id will be varied based on the “Facility Name” created from your Davinci console.

Based on the Davinci lock system configured location(s) occupied by tenant, this integration will be displayed under each lease in the Tenant Profile Page of the admin portal. 


If your operations pre-assigns a specific lock According to Move-In filed settings enabled for the Serial Code and Unlock Code field, this integration will be reflected during every move-in. According to your move-in field settings, fill out each field according to whether it is mandatory or not.

Note: Serial Code must be in 8 digits and Unlock Code must be in 4 digits. From your Davinci console, you can find the serial code and unlock code.

You’ll then need to navigate to Settings >> Documents >> Notification Templates. Find Auto Grant template in the Email section of the templates and Auto Grant Access in the SMS section of the templates and add verbiage and the macro for the combination code.

Note: you will not likely ever need to use the Serial Code macro.

When a tenant is delinquent, you will put the Serial Number and Combination/Unlock Code of the Davinci lock into the Tenant’s profile. Upon payment, the automated Auto Grant notification(s), which includes the lock combination code, will be sent (email, text, or both depending on your settings) to the tenant for them to unlock and access their unit.

Note: Serial Code must be in 8 digits and Unlock Code must be in 4 digits. From your Davinci console, you can find the serial code and unlock code.


For use of Davinci Lock with vacant units, go to Operations >> Unit tab >> and update the Serial and Unlock code to applicable units.

Automation of Davinci Lock is set-up through the "Gate Lock-out" settings. If you don't have a Gate Integration, please contact to assist with the workaround for this. 

Navigate to Automation >> Delinquency. Enable Gate Lockout and set your desired parameters for days past due and minimum balance due.

You'll also want to turn on the Tenant Notifications. You can manipulate what the template reads by navigating to Settings >> Documents >> Notification Templates. 

The template names are: 
  1. Manual Grant (there's currently a bug. It should be Auto Grant, but it's mixed up with Manual Grant, so use Manual Grant)
  2. Gate Lockout Notice 

  1. You can track Serial and Unlock Codes for both vacant and occupied units in the Walk-Thru report. 
  2. Additional reporting can be found in the Overlock Status report.
  3. Serial codes cannot be in use for multiple units at the same time. You will need to manually remove a Serial Code from the tenant’s profile before utilizing that lock for another unit.