Integrate with OpenTech Alliance Gate Access Control

Integrate with OpenTech Alliance Gate Access Control

Configuring OpenTech Alliance with 6Storage is specific to each location. Correspondingly, individual Gate Access Codes can be assigned to each unit within the configured location. This article presents simple steps for configuring the OpenTech Alliance Gate Access Control System with 6Storage to manage tenant access, customize gate hours, and more. Let's get started!

Go to Settings >> Integration. Click OpenTech Alliance logo.

Configuring OpenTech Alliance is specific to the location you choose from the dropdown. Information for fields such as the API key, API Secret key, and Facility ID will be furnished by the technical team of OpenTech Alliance. Fill in all the fields and click Save.

Choose the location and add a time schedule for tenants to access the facility.

Specify the time schedule by selecting the access days and timings and entering a name for the schedule. All the details provided for the designated schedule will be reflected in the OpenTech Alliance console. Multiple time schedules can be added and edited at any time by saving them one at a time.

Based on the access profile created from the OpenTech Alliance console, you cannot create or delete access profiles from 6Storage. The access profiles will be reflected in the 6Storage admin portal under the specific location configured.


The edit icon allows you to make a profile default in the Tenant portal.

After completing the integration, perform a test move-in or add a gate code to an existing tenant for testing purposes.