PTI Gate Access Configuration - 6Storage

Configure PTI Gate access control with 6Storage

Go to Settings --> Integration. Click the PTI logo.

Select Timezone from the dropdown. Add a description for the same. If needed, you can add more timezones. The toggle button Default in Tenant Portal which if enabled will ensure that the selected timezone is applied to the Tenant Portal as well. Click Configure Gates and consider the integration part is done.

Note: The list of numbers in the dropdown are in accordance with the timezones set in PTI.

Now, you need to follow the steps mentioned on the integration page. Download and install the configuration file to your computer.

Open my computer -> Go to C drive -> Program files -> 6Storage -> Open the file SixStorageFileMove.exe.config with any text editor. Search Gate access system configuration. Under the configuration, look at PTIFilePath -> Edit the value as your Account ID_Region (EU/GL).

Change the PTI Security Systems file path value as PTI. Then find FileStorageS3Path. Under that, edit the value as your Account ID_Region (EU/GL).

To sync 6Storage and PTI, you need to copy the file path from the file SixStorageFileMove.exe and paste in the StorLogix app (you should have installed the application in your computer) as shown in the image below:

From your computer, search Services. Click 6Storage Gate access sync and click Start to start the service. Now, everything should work fine.



Machines and software use too much brain power and sometimes they forget their purpose of existence and cause problems. Most of the issues with gate access occur due to intermittence of connectivity, which can be trouble-shot with the below steps:

Once the service is started, you can always see the options Stop the service and Restart the service. Just like enabling and disabling airplane mode during network issues in your mobile device, you may stop the service and start again or simply restart the service to run it devoid of issues.