How to Refund or Void Payments in Paya/Nuvei Payment Processing

How to Refund or Void Payments in Paya/Nuvei Payment Processing

Refunding/Voiding in PayaConnect for Paya/Nuvei Payments

Be sure to delete the payment in 6Storage in the Tenant Ledger or Transactions either before or after you complete the below process in order to ensure accurate record keeping.
  1. Navigate to your PayaConnect portal – If you've never logged into this portal, you should have received login details in your welcome letter from Paya/Nuvei. If you don't have this email, you can use forgot password there on the login screen using your email or contact
  2. Once logged in, select Reports > Transactions (if you have multiple locations [Paya-Nuvei accounts], you will need to select the location/account you want to process the refund in).
  3. Apply filters accordingly. You can search by date, name, amount, last four digits of card, etc. 
  4. On the line item that you are wanting to refund/void, select the Report icon (as show in image below).

  1. Key in the amount that you want to refund and select “Refund Transaction.”

Same Day Refunds/Void
If you are wanting to refund same day, it will say VOID instead of Refund. You will complete the same steps as above, but voiding just means that it will show as pending on the customer’s card but will drop off (usually the next day) and won’t actually process all of the way. 

Partial Refunds
You can do a partial refund in the Paya/Nuvei portal, but at this time you are only able to avoid the full payment in the 6Storage Admin Portal. To do partial refunds, select the “Full Detail” icon instead and then click Refund from the Actions section. Note that continuing with a partial payment refund will likely result in mismatched record keeping between 6Storage and Paya/Nuvei.