We are excited to announce the Release of V2.2K23.3.6.0 for 6Storage! This release includes feature enhancements and bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

Poland P24 Payment Gateway Error Resolved error while processing the payment request.

Stripe and Paya Payment Gateways – Disabled the payment button to prevent multiple-clicks after tenants click submit on the ‘Payment Form’. Added a friendly error message, “Please do not close this page until the payment has completed processing” in the Admin Portal and Tenant Portal.

Tenant Portal Invoices and Receipts – Resolved the issue of the invoice not opening and receipts displaying as ‘NA’ under Buy Insurance.

6Storage’s Custom Check Box Macro – Resolved the issue of the check box being replaced with the company logo instead of the check box.

6Security Cloud Configuration Setup – Resolved the error on deactivating and reactivating 6Security Cloud Integration with Account Setup.

Tenant Profile Lease Page – Resolved the issue of the e-signature not binding in the tenant profile lease page.

Move-in Invoices with Rental Amount Roundoff – Resolved the issue with the unit price not correctly calculating to the round-off amount as per the inclusive tax amount.

User Registration: Adding New UsersResolved issue of new accounts not displaying correctly in their assigned and linked location.

Changed the functionality of Advanced Payments to require the creation of invoice(s) before taking payment – The Advanced Payment box will no longer show in the Pay Now screen and the “Amount Paying” section of the Pay Now screen cannot be greater than the current balance. It must be equal to or less than the total of the selected invoice(s). To take an advanced payment, operators should create the next invoice(s), first, and then take the payment against the invoice(s). This change was implemented to resolve the lease/ledger mismatches. Advanced payments due to credits during a transfer may still cause a lease/ledger mismatch. Please contact help@6storage.com if you experience a mismatch due to a transfer.

Feature Enhancements

6Storage’s Custom Booking Portal Plugin – Enhanced several features and bugs with upgrades of the WordPress Plugin to version 2.6.

6Storage Application- Performance Improvements on Loading 6Storage’s Icons –
Improved the overall performance of the icons throughout the admin portal and updated them to load smoothly and more efficiently.


Performance Improvements on the Mr. Delivery Page – Enhanced the performance on Mr. Delivery’s Operation Menu to avoid lagging issues.


Vendor Audit and Add Vendors' Websites – Performed an Audit to confirm all the Vendors’ Logos are accurate and added each Vendor’s Website to the corresponding feature integration.