We are excited to announce the bug fixes and feature enhancements for 6Storage-PB-V2.28.0 release!

Bug Fixes in Online Booking/Tenant Portal (WordPress Plug-in):

  • The issue with the online booking portal filter displaying duplicate amenities in the unit listing page has been resolved.

  • Tenant information is not captured by the 6storage software, and payments are not usually recorded due to multiple leases created as a result of duplicate mobile number duplication—issues that have since been addressed in the online move-ins.

Feature Enhancement in Online Booking/Tenant Portal(WordPress Plugin):

  • Implemented a setting in the WordPress admin users where the maximum number of digits for the gate access code will be set by the storage admin.

Bug Fixes in Admin Portal:

  • The late/lien column was not displayed in the daily payment report when you exported it was now resolved.

  • Due to a particular character (&) in the file name, the lease agreement was not visible in the move-in/Documents area or preview. This was resolved now