We are excited to announce the bug fixes and feature enhancements for 6Storage-PB-V2.27.0 release!

Bug Fixes in Online Booking/Tenant Portal (WordPress Plug-in):

  • Fixed the issue where the move-in billing date would show inaccurate when entering the gate access code.

  • If the move-in is completed online, the tenant information will no longer land in the lead section.

Bug Fixes in Admin Portal:

  • Fixed the problem where the Email Activity Report's time was displayed in UTC rather than the client's time zone.

  • Resolved the problem where multiple invoice payment receipts were getting created in HTML format instead of PDF.

  • Resolved the payment form loading issue caused by a change in payment method during the move-in.

  • The issue with credit/debit card expiration dates being saved on the tenant profile page has been resolved.

  • Fixed the macro issue in the reservation confirmation email notification.

  • Resolved the issue of manual batch printing sometimes not processing correctly.

  • Fixed the issue that prevented Mr. Delivery from sending a reservation confirmation email.

  • Restoring the default template feature in the Notification Templates under Settings, Documents, and Settings has been fixed.

  • Fixed the problem where the address information did not appear while previewing the product sale invoice.

Feature Enhancement in Admin Portal:

  • As noted in previous communication, the Paya payment processor logo has been updated to Nuvei‚Äôs logo as Paya has been acquired by Nuvei.