We are excited to announce the bug fixes and feature enhancements to keep your experience seamless with this release, 6Storage-PB-V2.25.0!

Bug Fixes in Online Booking/Tenant Portal (WordPress Plug-in):

  • Resolved the issues where current tenants who were renting another unit online errored and resulted in the tenant being charged, but an overall unsuccessful move-in. 
  • Restricted the schedule moveout option for the moveout tenants on the booking portal profile page.
  • Resolved the issue with default time zone to show on the online booking portal for the gate access configured accounts.
  • Resolved the issue in the NETS payment processor where updating the saved card was not processing recurring payments.

Enhancements to Online Booking/Tenant Portal (WordPress Plug-in):

  • We’ve updated the online booking button to say Inquire instead of Inquiry on the unit listings.
  • New Features in Online Booking/Tenant Portal (WordPress Plug-in):
  • Implemented the moveout label to display under leases in tenant portal once the unit is moved out.

Bug Fixes in Admin Portal:

  • Fixed the issue such that all data is now pulled into XLSX and PDF files for the invoice revenue report.
  • Resolved the issue of past-due notices having the wrong overdue amounts and strange invoice period dates.
  • Resolved the issue of incorrect invoice periods on the invoices and receipts after insurance purchase.
  • Resolved the “current date” macro fetching UTC time instead of Time Zone specified in the settings.