6Storage 2K23.2.0

6Storage 2K23.2.0

This update 2K23.2.0 brings important bug fixes and improvements for a smooth user experience. Please read the full release notes for more info:

  • If you close your browser window without logging out of your 6Storage account and open the website in a new window, you will need to authenticate to log in again. We enabled this setting to increase your account's security.

  • Despite the charge type of 'One time on lease' being selected, all unpaid invoices were charged late fees, rather than just the first unpaid invoice. This has been fixed.

  • Opening 6Storage website in Safari resulted in the error: Safari can’t open the page. This issue is fixed.

  • When trying to sign into the 6Storage website from your browser, it wouldn’t sign in but displayed a ‘Runtime Error.’ This has been fixed.

  • Fixed the issue of late fee dues not being included in the past due report.

  • Text change in the container that appears during the editing of leads/reservation email templates.

  • Flickering of UI when sorting the columns in the Receipt Revenue report is fixed.

  • Mapping of all the social media links of 6Storage to the email templates is fixed.

  • Gate lockout scheduler had an inaccuracy: If the input buffer days were 3 days, the lockout would occur on day 4. Now it has been rectified. Set the buffer to 3 days, and the scheduler will lock out the gate on day 3.

  • Fixed: Issues with displaying the message ‘Add card’ while editing lease preferences for recurring payments.

  • Flickering of UI when trying to fetch the Convenience fee report is fixed. 
  • The 6Storage logo appears briefly and vanishes when selecting credit card as payment method during a move-in. This is fixed.

  • When trying to fetch the Late – Lien report, the data automatically loads twice. Now, it loads only once.

  • Eliminated the alignment issues in late fee invoices. 

  • During multiple move-in, enabling the Recurring payment toggle button should not be allowed if the card was not added. However, it was allowed to be enabled and it is now fixed.

  • While manually generated invoices were accurate, there was an error with the auto-generated invoices as they showed incorrect payable amount. This has been fixed.

  • Character limit for adding notes in the Lease Information Page is increased from 150 to 500.

  • Fixed: Phone number, Email, Paid thru date, and Last payment date were not included in the Past due report.