6Storage 2K22.1.2

6Storage 2K22.1.2

Please welcome a fresh update release 2K22.1.2. This minor version comes up with a few bug fixes and a couple of new improvements which may enhance your user experience to a new level. Have a look at what we have got for you:

Bug fixes:
  1. When adding pictures to merchandise products/services, the uploaded pictures disappeared or weren’t mapped properly. This bug has been fixed.
  2. From tenant’s information page to all over the software, the field ‘Emergency Contact’ have been changed to ‘Alternate/Emergency Contact.’
  3. When marking the master checkbox in the units list page, only the units shown at the specific page were selected. This bug has been fixed. Now, if you mark the master checkbox you can select all the units at your location and do all the changes you need.

New improvements:

Texas Rental Agreement – Custom fields

Rental agreement is one of the complex documents in terms of assembling the collected data from tenants since the agreement format changes from one region to another. But thanks to our latest improvement- you can add any number of custom fields as per your choice, because of which any complex agreement can fit into our software. 

Vehicle rental agreement in Texas requires quite some specific details from the tenants, which can be collected and managed easily by adding required custom fields. But you don’t need to worry at all, 6Storage have got you covered with our forward-thinking software.

Sl number to Inventory number

In Merchandise invoice, all the items were listed with reference to ‘Sl no.’ Now we have changed it to ‘Inventory number’ for clarity purposes. Please don’t hesitate to report any problems you encounter on our issue tracker. And let us know what you feel about this new update.